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Monthly Spotlight

At Incorporate Joi, we take pride in helping couples bring their dream wedding to life. This month's feature highlights the beautiful love story from one of our recent clients. We worked closely with them to ensure that their special day was exactly as they envisioned. Read on to be inspired by their story and see how we can help you create your dream wedding too.


In a time where the world of digital connections has plagued the dating scene, Precious and AJ's love story began like most on a dating app just two weeks after Precious moved to the vibrant city of Dallas! 

Precious, who had almost given up on love, decided to take matters into her own hands. Armed with hope and a pen, she crafted a list detailing everything she both wanted and needed in a partner. Little did she know, destiny had a plan.

Now lets meet AJ, the charming and perfect match who effortlessly checked off every box on Precious' list. Their connection was instant, and the two embarked on a journey that would change their lives forever.

Fast forward a few years, and their love stood strong against the challenges thrown their way, including a global pandemic. Despite the uncertainties, Precious and AJ found comfort and joy in each other's company.

The pinnacle of their love story was the arrival of a beautiful baby girl, bringing an abundance of love and laughter into their lives. 

And then, on a magical summer day at the breathtaking Brighton Abbey Venue in Dallas, Texas, surrounded by love, family, and friends, Precious and AJ exchanged vows and tied the knot!

Five years of laughter, growth, and unwavering love led them to this moment—the celebration of their commitment to a lifetime together. 

Join us in congratulating Precious and AJ as they continue their journey through life, love, and countless beautiful moments together. To all my hopeless romantics out there, don't give up! Until then, here's to a lifetime filled with happiness, love, and more beautiful chapters!

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