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Mastering the Art of a Stress-Free Wedding: Tips for a Blissful Celebration

Who doesn't love fun and heartwarming weddings; especially when you attend as a guest and know nothing about the hard work behind the scenes. But when it comes to your wedding, there is no way you can escape the planning part. What you can do is plan a stress-free wedding and use some of the following tips to keep it all under control and enjoy the most magical day in your life.

Expert wedding planner Lauren assisting client with wedding planning needs.

1. Set a realistic budget.

Our biggest piece of advice is to always start your wedding plans with a set budget. Couples typically struggle during wedding planning due to not having a conversation before signing contracts with vendors. You must take the time to review your savings account and income to set a realistic budget for your wedding. Let your budget determine the size of your wedding, not the other way around.

2. Manage your time wisely.

We understand you are probably not a wedding expert, so let us tell you that weddings take time to plan. Ideally, it would be best to start 12 to 14 months before the big day. Wedding vendors are booked for months, and when you start sooner, you will find a variety of options with available dates. The time needed to plan your wedding depends on the number of guests since it is easier to find a venue for 50 than it is for 300 guests.

You should secure your wedding venue, caterer, and ceremony officiant during the first months of planning. Then, it is time to find entertainment, wedding photography, videography, and décor. Around eight months before your wedding, you need to start looking for your wedding attire, invitations, cake, hair and makeup, and any other vendors you are missing. A month before your wedding, you should only focus on touching base with each vendor regarding their arrival times.

3. Hire a day-of wedding coordinator.

Your wedding day will be filled with things to do and places to go; from the minute you wake up, you must start prepping for the most amazing day of your life. But imagine you are getting ready with your bridesmaids and family, and your phone starts ringing, it is your caterer, and they had an issue with one of their team members, so they are running a bit late. Then your florist needs you to call the wedding venue because the loading dock is not open. The calls keep on coming.

The morning of your wedding, all you should be doing is enjoying every minute, not stressing about every tiny detail. If you want someone professional to take care of it all, you should hire a day-of wedding coordinator.

A day of wedding coordinator should be hired around six months before the wedding day when you already have hired most of your vendors, but you still have time to add any missing detail. Their expertise will come in handy to correct any flaw in your planning, and you will have enough time to work on your timeline, seating charts, and other important tasks.

Overall, planning a wedding should not be a stressful task for the newly engaged couple; all you need to do is have plenty of time, set a budget, hire a professional day-of wedding coordinator, and have your partner by your side to enjoy the process. Contact us today to ensure you're wedding planning process is as stress-free as possible!


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