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Fall in Love with Top St. Louis Florist: Floral Play

We are so excited to spotlight one of St. Louis’s top floral design studios - Floral Play! Known for their romantic and elegant designs, this studio brings professionalism and a fresh perspective to each and every wedding arrangement they create.

Read on as Founder, CEO and Creative Director, Hoba Smith teaches us how you can bring your wedding vision to life and embrace seasonal Fall hues with Floral Play.

How This Woman-Owned Wedding Floral Studio Got Started

While working at a local catering company in 2015, Hoba Smith serendipitously found her niche creating beautiful blooms in the St. Louis floral industry. With her unwavering talent, it didn’t take her long before she started her own floral design company in 2019, Floral Play, where she focuses on creating one-of-a-kind, elegant pieces for timeless couples. “Floral Play is different from others because my style is versatile. I can create many designs from boho, lavish, modern elegance, and even minimalistic. I try not to limit my creativity to one category,” says Smith.

Autumnal Floral Designs for Fall St. Louis Weddings

In today’s wedding world, couples have more options than ever when it comes to choosing their flowers they wish to use in their arrangements. Fall couples, for instance, are currently enjoying textured florals with organic, warm tones. According to Hoba, a few autumn-inspired flowers she loves to see in her couples’ designs are Copper Beech, which are leaves with a beautiful rusty brown color, and Cockscombs, a seasonal flower that comes in a variety of shades including orange, red and purple.

Working with Top St. Louis Florist: Floral Play

Working with Floral Play is more than just a service, it’s an elevated experience from start to finish. Once you’ve inquired and had a personal consultation with Hoba’s team to go over your wedding style and details, you will receive an invitation to come to visit their exclusive design studio to be presented with a tailored floral proposal. Once approved, they collaborate with your vendors to execute your vision and bring it to life! As Hoba says, “Book a florist you can trust to execute your vision, even if things go as planned.”

For couples that want extravagant floral arrangements and displays, Hoba suggests that they should plan to budget around $13,000 for their wedding flowers. Working with an expert St. Louis florist, like Floral Play, will not only help you dream up beautiful designs, but you’ll have access to expert professionals who can guide you through the entire process for a seamless wedding experience.

Whether you want modern elegance or the classic minimalistic event, get in touch early to find out more and lock in Floral Play for your magical occasion.

Good luck, and happy designing!


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