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Newly Engaged? Here's Your Guide: 5 Essential Steps to Kickstart Your Wedding Planning Adventure

Hey there, newly engaged lovebirds! Big congrats on this thrilling chapter of your life. As you start imagining your wedding in the coming days, weeks, and even months, it's normal to feel caught in a whirlwind of joy and, let's be honest, a bit of planning anxiety.

Owner Lauren Hollingsworth, smiling joyfully, holding a hand-written sign that reads 'She Said Yes' in bold, celebratory letters, expressing excitement and happiness over a recent engagement.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed about where to begin? It's totally okay to lean on some expert guidance. Take Incorporate Joi, for instance. We're a luxury wedding and event planning team with roots in Dallas, Texas, and St. Louis, Missouri, but we're globe-trotters at heart, ready to bring your dream day to life anywhere. Our goal? To craft a wedding experience that's as one-of-a-kind and full of love as your own love story.

Read on to discover the five steps to take to get started with wedding planning after you’ve said yes!

1. Tell Your Friends and Family

First things first, share the big news with your inner circle! Relish this blissful time, show off that stunning ring, and why not throw a little engagement bash to mark the occasion? Oh, and don't forget a manicure for those Insta-worthy ring selfies and workday reveals..

2. Organize, Organize, Organize

Next up, bring some order to the chaos. A wedding-only email address? Genius for keeping all your vendor chats and bookings tidy. Plus, it's super handy if you opt for a planner later on. Incorporate Joi totally gets that wedding planning can be a handful, so we're all about keeping it separate from your everyday hustle.

Get Inspired

Alongside your new email, get your inspo in line. Whether it’s a digital Pinterest board or a tangible vision board in your living room, gathering visuals helps solidify your wedding style and theme. It's also a great reference for your wedding planner to ensure everyone's on the same page.

The Almighty Wedding Binder

Don’t forget a physical binder for all those booking confirmations, contracts, and color swatches. It’s your go-to spot for jotting down ideas and keeping everything organized. When you bring a wedding coordinator into the mix, they'll thank you for this!

3. Set A Realistic Budget

Now, let's talk numbers. Setting a budget is key. Decide what you can comfortably spend on your big day and maybe set aside a little extra for that dream honeymoon. Remember, a budget helps keep your wedding desires in check with what's feasible.

Setting a budget means that your spending won’t be determined by all the beautiful things you want for your wedding, but rather a pre-determined amount that is set in stone. Utilizing wedding planning services can help you maintain your budget and determine how much you’ll need to spend on each part of your wedding day.

4. Write Down Must-Haves

Time to make a list of what's absolutely non-negotiable for your wedding. From a three-tiered cake to a special venue, knowing these essentials helps you focus your budget and planning efforts.

This list could include small things such as having a three-tiered wedding cake, all the way to a particular wedding venue that means a lot to you. Bigger non-negotiables may come with certain restrictions. For example, a non-negotiable live band, a non-negotiable wedding coordinator or a non-negotiable wedding venue will come with restrictions on the date of the wedding day. You need to know these must-haves before you book any vendors for a particular date.

5. Get Started with the Wedding Planning

With your circle informed, a vision and budget in place, and everything organized, it's go-time for the real deal! Start exploring venues, tasting cakes, and dress shopping. This is also when you might want to loop in a wedding planner. At Incorporate Joi, we offer full to partial planning, or even day-of coordination – just give us a shout!

There you have it! Five essential steps to get you from "Yes!" to "I do." Remember, we're here to help make your wedding as magical as your proposal. So, let's get planning, and most importantly, let's have some fun along the way!


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